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Finding a hostheader in IIS using Perl and Win32::OLE

There is no easy way to find a host header in IIS. Unless you think clicking on each site is easy. I have found it difficult to find them in large installations. I wrote a script that will go through each site on the server and look at the host headers and then if found it will print the Site comment. You then use the site comment to find the main site in the MMC.

Here is the script.


Changing all directory paths in Microsoft IIS/Active Directory using perl and WIN32::OLE

I was put in charge of a filer migration from a old netapp f810 to a new netapp 3040 cluster. One of the systems we have that used the netapp backend was a web cluster running MS Windows 2003. When it was first built it was using a cifs shares by system name (ie: \\f810..tld\customer-home). This is great if you never changed filers but a poor idea on our part. In theory you could have just changed the record to point at the new filer, but that was a temporary fix. We wanted to change the path completely to a arbitrary name like "web". This will allow us to change it to any back end device no matter what it is. I like to do things programmaticly so below are the two scripts I used to get the job done. You will need to modify these script to fit your needs (ie: Paths).

Bulk IIS path change script: Link

Bulk Active Directory change script: Link